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Mobile Application Development

To say we do App design & development is really only part of the story…

We have developed a unique process to guide our customer from that initial idea (which if you need our help filling in the gaps, we’d love to help) to a fully working application for the world to see.

See your idea come to life within 2 weeks! This will show all the functionality of the app. We do this to make sure we have understood you correctly (it is much easier to edit a prototype than a fully developed app!)
App Design
This is where you will be able to see fullscreen designs of your app! Got an idea for a design? We will be able to execute this better than you have ever imagined. Straight laced or funky; we have the designer for you.
App Development
The techie bit! Our in-house App development team then get their hands on coding the app to make it work. This is what our developers live for (seriously!) – so your app is in safe hands. There isn’t a lot to see at this stage, but don’t worry we will keep you updated.
This is when your vision becomes a reality on your phone or tablet! Whilst you are drooling over your new app on your phone, we will be trying to break it!…Don’t panic – we like to find all the little gremlins before sending it off for the world to see!
Off to the App Store(s)!
This is all taken care for you. Your app will be sent to all the relevant stores. We will advise you on the imagery, description and the all important key words to make sure your app is found on the shelves on the worlds biggest stores!

It’s LIVE!

Often in the small hours of the night you will receive the email – “Your app is processing for the App Store” and before you know it – your app is live!

Sounds easy right ?
We will make your experience as stress-free and easy as possible for you.When the app goes live, this is when our clients get all teary eyed and emotional because they think this is the farewell stage… Don’t worry! With us, it is never goodbye. We will always be here to help with any questions and any updates your app requires in the future.

Scream Media offers application development on all platforms including IOS, Android, Blackerry OS and Windows Mobile. Our expertise can help you create an application that has an impact and and can generate the traction that you require.

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